Serving People Group (SPG) Income tax service is highly qualified and covers a wide variety of fiscal expertise.

We are able to meet all types of needs with regards to income tax filing, through our professional  and competitive service which beats any office alike.

There are many good reasons to take advantage of our Income Tax Filing Service.

  • Book by appointment

    We are able to see you at your most convenient time and in the office nearest you.

  • Personal attention

    We can give you our undivided attention to evaluate your financial situation one on one.

  • Ongoing help

    We assist you from the time you first contact us and after we help you after we help you file your income Tax.

  • File with assurance

    We send the E-file tax application electronically with no additional charge to you.

  • Communicate on your behalf

    We can communicate with Revenue Canada on your behalf with authorization.

  • Review your past income tax filing

    We can review your previous years to make sure you filed correctly.

  • You receive a copy

    We provide you with a complete copy of your tax return with all the explanations useful to understand your situation with Revenue Canada.

  • Bilingual Staff

    Service is provided in English and in Italian.

Other Services

  • Bookkeeping, HST, Payroll, ROE, WSIB
  • Set Up & Register New Businesses & Obtain Master Business Licence
  • Self-employed, Business, Sub-contract


SPG is a multi-service office and its name stands for the SERVING PEOPLE GROUP. It was born to help Italians and Canadians with a wide variety of services. From the defined social care mandate, we moved forward to meet the increasing demand of our clients for additional services like preparing and filing Income Tax returns and pension applications.

Our staff is highly trained and constantly up to date in order to provide a very professional service that a matter like Income Tax filing deserves. Our good relation with the CRA and a 95% rate of returning customers every year push us to constantly keep and improve our quality benchmarks.

We use e-file service to send the Tax Return to the Canadian Revenue Agency. This service guarantees the immediate transmission of the return with no costs for the customer and mostly, with the peace of mind that your information will get to the Revenue Canada in the safest and most protected way available. You still receive a complete copy of the Tax Return for your own records.

Our professionalism and our social mission guarantee to our customers one of the best services for Income Tax Returns available on the market, at a particularly competitive price. Unlike many others, we provide our service all the year around, helping you to deal with any correspondence with CRA.

Yes. While we specialize in senior-oriented services, our Income Tax filing service is absolutely open to anybody. Our customers like families, singles, students, are increasing on a yearly basis.

Our service is guaranteed all year around. We will help you dealing with Canada Revenue Agency for any matter related to the Income Tax filing plus, through the Represent-a-Client service, we will be able to directly answer most of the question that CRA will ask in regards of the Tax Return.

There are locations in Woodbridge, Richmond Hill,Hamilton and Toronto. Click here and find our nearest location to you.

If you want to book an appointment you can either call us at the toll-free number: 1800-269 – 0065 or click here, after a quick registration you’ll be able to book your appointment at the most convenient time and the best.

We are usually open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am to16:00 pm. However, for the two months of March and April we extend our opening hours and locations. Click here to find out hours of operation.

In order for us to be able to close and send your Tax Return, it is really important that you provide us with all the information that we need. To help you out with the process of getting ready for the appointment we provide here a checklist specific for you.

Even though through the Represent-a-Client service we will be able to analyze any situation carried forward from previous years, it is always helpful, if you are a new client, to bring your last year’s income tax return and notice of assessment.