Enjoy Your Visit to Canada

What You’ll Need

If you’re planning to visit Canada as a tourist, you will have to apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or a Visitor Visa.

What's the difference?

An eTA is an entry requirement for foreign nationals who are visa-exempt and are travelling to Canada by air. The eTA is valid for up to 5 years or until the passport expires.

Please Note

If you get a new passport, then you need to apply for a new eTA.


How to Apply for an eTA

Applying for an eTA is a simple online process. However, make sure you only apply on the official Government of Canada website. There are many fake websites that charge you additional service fees.

Apply for an eTA

By visiting the Government of Canada eTA web page.

What to Expect

Once the eTA is approved, it will be linked directly to the passport you used to apply.

Having trouble getting your travel authorization?

Contact SPG and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Visitor Visas

A Visitor Visa is an official document that proves that you meet the requirements needed to travel to Canada. You may be asked to give proof of a Visitor Visa even if you’re simply transiting through a Canadian airport.

Do You Need a Visitor Visa?

Some visitors do not need a Visitor Visa. Find out if you need a Visitor Visa here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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