Serving People Group

We are a group of professionals that work to solve your problems. We are a large company based in Italy with 30 branches located in 11 different countries. We assist and cooperate as a family to meet your requirements working in synergy with several countries, in order to guarantee services in different languages and on a global scale. We provide direct assistance and integrated solutions in every country. We have 40 years of professional experience to the public, born from a cooperation with the 50&PiùEnasco patronage as well as a team of highly qualified staff with in different areas of competence.

Where You Can Find Us

You can reach us anytime and from anywhere in the world; we work 24/7 as we offer online consultancies and services.
You can visit our offices in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Switzerland, Uruguay and the USA.


What We Do

We supply specialized consulting services and solutions to safeguard both companies and individuals. Our professionals cooperate with each other in their specific department and deal with: Immigration and visas to and from each country where we are based, assistance and support in transfers to other countries, taxes and financial advice, legal consultancy, tourism and travel to study abroad, translations, Italian citizenship, AIRE residents and other, and document applications in Italy and abroad. We also specialize in education, bureaucratic procedures, company start ups and real estate.

How We Work

We work as a single team even though we are located in different countries. This is why you can trust our services and consultancy to help you transfer from Italy to Canada or apply for a visa from Canada to Brazil; or help you pay your taxes in Italy even if you live in Argentina or provide you with documentation in the USA although you live in Australia. We support you in planning a trip to study abroad , travelling for work, or if you require us to provide translations. We offer translation services in 150 languages and all our professionals are bilingual. We also help companies open new enterprises abroad.


Facts & Figures