We know how to help you make the move to Canada because we’ve made the move too.

This is Vincenzo’s story:

about-vincenzo Vincenzo Ghiandoni, President of SPG Canada
  • 2003: No English. No French. No Job.

    That’s how Vincenzo arrived in Canada from Italy in 2003. He needed help to adjust to life in a foreign country where he had met his future wife while on vacation.

  • 2005: Getting Help from SPG

    He turned to Serving People Group who helped him translate difficult to understand documents and find a good job – working with SPG!

  • 2011: Helping SPG Grow

    When Serving people Group needed someone to help them grow in Canada, Vincenzo took the opportunity to help them just as they had helped him.

  • Today: Helping People Like You

    Vincenzo Ghiandoni is now President of SPG Canada, looking after a community of 10 offices across the country.

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who work together to solve your Canadian immigration, tax, education and translation services concerns and issues.


We cooperate as a team to meet your needs

Our offices across Canada and around the world work in synergy to offer services on a global scale and in different languages.


We provide direct assistance and integrated solutions

Our highly-qualified team has 40 years of professional experience with expertise in their areas of specialization.


We’re immigrants too

We’ve immigrated to Canada, we’ve looked for work in a new country, we’ve wondered about how to pay taxes, we learned to speak the language. We know how to help you.

Our Team

What do we mean when we say we’ve been there too? Most of our team are immigrants to Canada. We heard about, then lived the dream of life in Canada. We couldn’t speak the language when we arrived. And no jobs were waiting for us. We know the fear, confusion and excitement that comes with moving to a foreign country. And we have dedicated our work to making it easier for you to live the dream of life in Canada.


How May We Help You?

To be of greatest value to our clients, SPG continues to add helpful professional services that anyone making the move to Canada may need, from tax services to educational opportunities.

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